Test 1

There are a heavy debate on whether children should learn a foreign languages as early as possible or at later life such as secondary school. And some experts agree on the former one. I also believe that there are more good than harm for kids obtaining a foreign language in their primary school.

Adding a foreign language course means that more homework needed to be finished, it will definitely put more stress on their fragile shoulder. This may develop dislike, or even hate feeling to the language. Also, kids have a very limited ability to understand the language. They may hardly obtain the logical, way of thinking, and other things behind the language. And they may have not enough time to learn and master their mother language.

Every coin, however, has two side, and we can not only focus on the dark one. Primary school children have a very strong learn ability, especially in learning languages. And it may be the best period for a person to learn a foreign language. When kids are learning a foreign language in their early time, it has been proved that it is good for their brain development. Also, from the point of practical, obtaining a foreign language means that more competitive in the later life. last, language is the key to the foreign culture. If a person had learned the language, it will be much easier for them to study, travel, and live in other country.

All in all, I highly believe that learning a foreign language in the early time, such as primary school, is good at all most any aspect. Despite the there are some flaws, but in the long-term, there will be more continuing positive influences in people’s life.

Test 2

There are some people support the view that high school students should do community service as a compulsory task and without any pay. I believe that this thought is less considered and may have some negative impacts on our community.

The first thing we all to know is that doing a community service is good for everyone in the community. And people who are willing to do it have their own reasons, some of them are for the happiness of helping other people, some may for some requirement they have to do. So, when a volunteering thing, just like community service, become compulsory, people may have second thought about it. They may become unwilling to joint, which lead to an unsatisfied quality of services. This will deviate the main purpose of the community service.

The other important fact is that young people, especially high school students, already know the meaning of money. And at their age, they do need some money for their own use. When those money are not coming from their family, it must come from other way. And that is one of the advantages of the service with salary. Students will become more energic, and they will take the service as a job. Because they know they will get payment after their work. Also, they will pay more attention to the quality of the service. Those will form a positive circle in a community, which also is a necessary factor for sustainable and healthy community.

From my perspective, community service may be an experience that everyone hardly can avoid. However, making it compulsory and without any payment is not a right way. Instead, a volunteering or with a satisfying payment could be a happy ending for everyone, mainly for high school students, also sustainable for the community.

Test 3

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Test 4

The dying out of languages are becoming common in this planet. Meanwhile, debates on this topic never stop. Some people feel OK about it and think it is good for the majority. I believe that the disappear of languages will be a big loss for all mankind.

It is true that there will be some advantages we may gain for it. For example, with the dying out of the languages spoken by minority, less languages will be used by people. In the end of the process, there may be only one mixed language exist. The only last language will make the communication more efficient and easier. And when people say the same language, there will be less deviation not only on the culture, but also on the emotion.

As a mankind, however, we can not just see the bright side about this. We also need to consider what will lose with the languages. And we must pay much attention on the back of the dying out of the languages. Languages are, not as the tool for people communicate with each other, the medium for the people Who spoken it to transfer their culture, custom, and even the spirit in their blood. Once this medium disappear, it is impossible for us to keep that thing.

Considering the things behind the languages, I believe that it will be a massive loss if we don’t take useful measure to prevent it. To some extent, a certain languages represent a certain way of people thinking. And, languages do contain the life style, customs of the people Who spoken it. Also, languages may have the shadow of the way how people understand the world, the way they thinking, and other stuffs we haven’t dig in. Once it disappears, there is nothing we can do but regret about it.

In conclusion, I believe that the dying out of languages is more a loss that a progress. And we should try our best to prevent this happen.