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People has conflicting opinions on whether students should study whatever they like or they should only be allowed to study subjects related to science and technology, which will be useful in their future. I believe that our education system should encourage young students find What they want.

It is not exaggerated to say that science and technology is the main power to propel the tremendous progress in our society. And these progress cannot leave the hundreds of millions innovations in every sectors behind. For example, our living conditions become much more comfortable because of the variety of domestic appliances, clean water is easy to access in majority part of this planet, life expectancy are increasing, children mortality is far less than before industry revolution.

However, by narrowing the choices students have is definitely not a right way. Young students should have the right to decide What they will study in their university time. We must notice that interests are the best teacher. People have more motivation on things they like. Also, it is not mean that other subjects is not better than those related to science and technology. Geography helps us understand our mother planet better, history tell us What happened in the past, sociology teach us the interrelationship between people.

My opinion on this topic is that we should encourage students study science and technology, and also can not limited the right to study What they are really interested, no matter what the subjects are. Every existing subjects have their own purpose and students also have the right to choose.

To sum up, limiting students’ choice into the fields of science and technology obey the human nature. Parents, teachers, even our education systems, should tell students the advantages and the shortcuts about every subjects, and let them make their own decision.